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Spring and Summer Concert Tours of 2008

Spring and Summer Concert Tours of 2008 - For any lover of music - whether it is bedrock and roll, hip hop, or country, or annihilation abroad beneath the sun, the bounce and summer concert agenda of 2008 is set to draft your apperception and accord you a adventitious to see abounding altered acts out there on the road. No amount area you reside or area you'd like to biking to see shows, you'll be able to acquisition affluence of abundant bounce and summer concerts, and you'll be able to end the summer alive you've apparent the best that the music industry has to offer.
Rock Fans
No amount what time aeon of bedrock you are a fan of, you'll be able to acquisition something to contentment you this summer. Neil Diamond is on bout this year, starting in the backward spring. So is Celine Dion. She starts her bout in the UK on May 2nd, and tours there for the majority of the summer. On August 15th, she begins the North American leg of the bout with two nights in Boston. Bon Jovi starts a bout in the US at the end of April, and is in the United States through the end of May. Starting in June, he will abide to bout in the UK for several dates.
Rod Stewart is aswell on bout this bounce and summer, and will a lot of absolutely be advancing to a bout destination abreast you. His bout begins in California at the end of July and goes through the end of August. The Police bang off an agitative and amazing alternation of shows. They activate in Ontario on May 1st, and their shows run through the end of August. The Cure is aswell on tour, alpha in May and active through the end of June.
Jimmy Buffet is aswell on bout this bounce and summer. His shows activate at the end of April, on the 22nd, and they run through the end of September. The Eagles currently accept four shows planned in backward May in Georgia. Also, Eric Clapton currently has 12 shows appointed in May and June beyond the US and Canada. Elton John is arena several shows in Las Vegas during June of 2008.
Rock admirers from a afterwards bearing will aswell be admiring to apperceive that some newer acts are out there on the alley as well. Projekt Revolution/Linkin Park bang off a summer tour, and abide to bout through the end of September.
Jack Johnson and Radiohead will accept several bout dates planned for bounce and Summer of 2008. Also, Dave Matthews Band is aswell touring this summer. They'll be hitting several above cities. They activate at the end of May, and the bout lasts through September.

John Mayer is set to barrage his summer tour, starting July 2nd at Summerfest in Milwaukee. The bout runs through August as of now, and aswell has Colbie Caillat and Brett Dennen.
Jonas Brothers "The Burning Up Tour" will activate in Toronto on July 4th. This is the aboriginal time that the Jonas Brothers accept started a bout on their own, and they are acquisitive to accept big crowds for their absolute tour, which should endure a lot of of the summer.
R&B And Hip Hop Fans
Kanye West starts his bout at the end of April, in Los Angeles, and ends in Los Angeles afresh in June. Jay-Z and Mary J Blige are touring calm in April and May. There are several bout dates listed for them, announcement Jay-Z's new album.
Country Music Fans
Kenny Chesney and Leeann Rimes bout this summer a well, with the Pirates and Poets Tour, starting in May and traveling on for a lot of of the summer. Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, and Sugarland all accept abstracted concert tours that are alpha in the bounce and traveling through the summer months, beyond the North American continent, mostly in the United States. Rascal Flatts begins a bout in May, and has dates that run through October, all in North America.
Reunion Tours
It isn't alone new bands that are on tour, or even bands that accept been about awhile. This summer bliss off a abundant era in music tours, area bands that haven't been calm in abounding years are advancing aback calm and touring. For instance, New Kids On The Block bliss off a bounce and summer bout in backward spring, and this is one that should not be absent by any fans, new or old.
Poison is aswell touring this summer, starting backward bounce and hitting added than 40 cities forth the way. They are traveling to be abutting by Dokken and Sebastian Bach.
Stone Temple Pilots, afterwards getting off the apparent for eight years, and afterwards getting afar for 5 years, will accumulate for a bout of North America that will endure for 65 cities. The bout is set to activate on May 17th in Ohio.
Major Tours
It isn't just individual concerts that makes this summer amazing, either. The Lollapalooza accident bliss off three canicule of abundant music - August 1-3, in Chicago's Grant Park. This even is accent by Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine, Nine Inch Nails, Kanye West, Wilco, and The Raconteurs.
You can aswell go to the Live, Raw & Uncut Tour, which is ablution July 3rd at Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City. This bout runs through aboriginal September, hitting added than 40 stops forth the way.
As a fan of any blazon of music, there are traveling to be affluence of affairs for you to see your admired artists, all beyond North America and even in Europe this summer. Keep your eyes accessible for bout dates and shows abreast you!

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